Message from the President of the Institute

In today's world science and knowledge is one of the main pillars of development and excellence of any country and is undoubtedly one of the ways to access research knowledge. What is more urgent at this historic stage in which our country is located is the need to pay attention to research as the driving force behind the knowledge-based economy. The economy outlined in the country's development plans and outlook document is a science-based economy.

Therefore, to achieve this, it is necessary to strengthen the status of research. This promotion cannot take place except in the planning and application of all capacities.

Iran Polymer Petrochemical Institute has been able to take great steps in fulfilling its research mission since its establishment. But there is a difficult way to reach the aspirations of the 1404 horizon.

 If our in-depth scientific findings and studies can address industry and country problems in the fields of polymer and petrochemicals, it is certainly the output of scientific findings that will break the lock and open the nodes for converting technology to technology.

I hope that by expediting our responsibility, our research will be in a higher position than ever before, and we will be able to achieve the country's highest goals by relying on the scientific ability of researchers and the efforts of each of our collaborators in different sectors. In essence ...