The Faculty of Petrochemical
General Information:

In order to execute the contents of the letter of the agreement that signed by IPPI and NPC-RI, petrochemical faculty was founded at 2002, and its activities officially started to work at 2003. This faculty consists of three research departments as follow:
1. Department of gas conversion
2. Department of petrochemical synthesis
3. Department of engineering design and construction
The most important research fields:
- Converting of natural gas to petrochemical products.
- Membrane cell Technology of chloral-alkali process.
- Synthesis of catalysis for petrochemical gas phase reaction.
- Standard Engineering design and documentation.
- Construction of pilot-plants and laboratory scale set-up.
-   Catatest for Catalytic Test in Laboratory Scale
- HP 6890 Gas Chromatograph.
- Chem. BET 3000, with TDP/TPR for Catalyst Characterization.
- Pyrotherm
Chamber Furnace.
- Programmable Rotatory Evaporator.
- Potentiostat / Galvanostat, AUTOLAB, Booster, 10 A
- Electro synthesis set-up for chloral-alkali by membrane cell and other  
-   electro synthesis                         
- Ion check
- PH meter
- Coulometer
- Pyrocarbon
Production Pilot Plant 16 kg/year.
- Workshop Machine Tools.