Department of Polymerization Engineering

In the department of polymerization engineering the main activities has been focused on slurry, bulk and gas phase polymerization of olefins. Also polymerization processes of styrene such as RAFT and ATRP polymerizations are among the areas of interest.
Research Fields:
  • Kinetic study of polymerization processes of olefins
  • Modeling and simulation of olefin polymerization
  • Study of structure -properties relationship of polyolefin's
  • Synthesis and characterization of Z-N catalyst supports
  • Homo & co polymerization of styrenic polymers
  • Preparation of Polyolefin/clay nanocomposites via in situ polymerization

Polymerization Engineering Laboratory:
In addition to general facilities, the laboratory is equipped with 4 automatic high pressure polymerization set-ups comprising of Buchi reactors which are connected to feed purification units. The systems are capable of monitoring and saving polymerization conditions during polymerization. The systems are directed towards:

  • Slurry phase set-up for ethylene polymerization
  • Gas phase set-up for ethylene/propylene polymerization
  • Bulk phase set-up for propylene polymerization

Other Facilities:
The group has developed a setup for preparing MgCl2 supports with predefined PSD.
Some of the most important projects carried out in this department:   
  1. Preparation of bimodal PE using THS via slurry polymerization.
  2. Studying the process effect on ethylene polymerization using THS catalyst
  3. Polymerization of ethylene using bisupported catalyst of SiO2- TiCl4/MgCl2/THF
  4. Preparation of Novel Z-N catalysts for a-olefin polymerization based on SiO2/MgCl2 supports
  5. Application of nano clay as Z-N catalyst base for polymerization of Propylene
  6. Comparing ethylene polymerization in gas and slurry phase
  7. Copolymerization of styrene butylacrylate via RAFT
  8. Modeling of RAFT polymerization in batch and semi batch reactors
  9. Study of slurry polymerization of ethylene in the presence of antifouling agents.
  10. Simulation of a series of industrial slurry reactors for HDPE polymerization process.
  11. Basic reactor design of gas-phase fluidized bed reactor in bench-scale
  12. Kinetic study of propylene polymerization using calorimetry
  13. Preparation of Data-base table using Z-N catalysts
The services provided by the group for local industries:
 1- Preparation of simulators for industrial polyolefin plants
 2- Giving consultant in the areas of olefin polymerizations in order to
  • Reduce fouling
  • Produce polyethylene with bimodal molecular weight distribution
3- Giving consultant to improve morphology of polyolefins via improving morphology of the catalyst
4- Giving services for characterization of polyolefins
5- Providing MgCl2 adduct as ZN catalyst base for laboratory uses per ordered particle sizes
Short course trainings:
1-  Short course in polymerization reaction engineering
2-  Short course in polyolefin reaction engineering
People in the Department
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