Department of Polymerization Engineering

Special focus in this department is on synthesis of various kinds of polyolefins as the most common and commercial type of thermoplastics in the world as well as selective trimerization and tetramerization of ethylene and synthesis of poly(a-olefin) oils utilizing coordination catalysis. Over the past few years, polymerization engineering department has reached significant achievements in development of technical knowledge for production of various polyolefin grades, synthesis of nano-silica structures and synthesis of styrene-butadiene elastomers. Other research fields at polymerization engineering department include examination of new synthesized catalysts; determining of optimal polymerization conditions of the catalysts and evaluating the effects of polymerization conditions on the microstructure of the produced polyolefins, also, synthesis of additives with nanostructure as modifiers for polymers as well as synthesis of functional copolymers as modifiers of polyolefins to improve their adhesion property.


Selected Current Projects

Production of ethylene-propylene rubber as a viscosity improver in industrial oils on a laboratory scale

Preparation of poly(a-olefin) oils using transition metal catalysts

Increasing the polarity of poly(1-hexane) through copolymerization with maleic anhydride

Execution of a research project for determination of comonomer distribution and microstructure study in ethylene copolymer grades of Amirkabir Petrochemical Company

Execution of a research project for the grade development of high density polyethylene (copolymer) as a suitable carrier resin for the production of carbon black masterbatch in Amirkabir Petrochemical Company

Production of functionalized cyclic polyolefins based on nickel post- metallocene catalysts

Production of high density polyethylene super grades with excellent processability

Cold start of a glass line setup for semi-industrial production of POSS

Synthesis, identification and investigation of phosphorus and nitrogen containing ligands (PCV) (imine and amine) and investigation of their catalytic properties in selective trimerization and tetramerization of ethylene

Experimental and simulation studies on heterogeneous catalysts used in hydrogenation process in production of branched polyolefins as viscosity enhancers using pyrolysis products

Evaluation and feasibility study of producing water-soluble plastics from polyvinyl alcohol with packaging application

Preparing of market analysis reports (of Iran, region and world) for a number of polymeric products including EPDM, chloroprene rubber, petroleum resins, NBR and nylon


Selected Completed Projects

Production of branched polyolefins as viscosity improvers using pyrolysis products

Scientific research on the effect of a promoter on pre-polymerization and polymerization of ethylene in gas phase

Preparation and investigation of thermal properties and radiation resistance of triple nanocomposites/graphene oxide/Poss

Preparation of oligo(a-olefin) oils using suitable catalysts for application  as engine oil

Preparation of suitable catalysts for oligomerization of heavy olefins

Designing and operation of a laboratory setup for gas phase polymerization of ethylene

Synthesis and production of three different types of single-functional POSS nanoparticles



Our polymerization laboratory is equipped with various polymerization setups including: slurry and also gas phase olefins polymerization setups. The setups are equipped with various controlling instruments including mass flow and temperature controllers for polymerization and copolymerization of olefins including ethylene, propylene and higher a-olefins. The existed facilities in the lab required for polymerization includes: 





  •  Buchi reactors (up to 30 bar pressure and 250°C temperature) in different volumes (1-5 lit)
  • Heating and cooling circulator (from -40 to 250°C)
  • Balance
  • Vacuum oven box
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Dry box
  • UV cabinet test






 Academic Staffs

·         Dr. Mehdi Nekomanesh

·         Dr. Naeimeh Bahri

·         Dr. Shokofeh Hakim

·         Dr. Mohammad Reza Rostami

·         Dr. Hasan Arabi

·         Dr. Majid Karimi

·         Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Mortazavi




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