Gas Conversion Department


  The projects in this research department are focuced on conversion of natural gas (methane) to ethylene by Oxidative coupling of methane (OCM), also conversion of N.G. to biocompatible pyrocarbon materials. Completed and current projects in this department are as follows:
- Preparation of catalyst for Oxidative coupling of Methane (OCM catalyst) with 28% yield that certificated via USA laboratory’s as a catalyst with high yield
- Making of Catatest for optimization of process and test of catalyst.
- Design & Construction of pilot plant of OCM
- Preparation and screening of OCM catalyst
- Optimization of operating conditions of OCM
- Basic Engineering of OCM pilot plant
- Development kinetic model in Lab &bench scales
- Scale – up of OCM process in Bench scale
- Preparation of Pyrocarbon coating in lab scale
- Preparation of Pyrolytic carbon electrode and study of it’s electrochemical properties
- A- B initio study of reaction of methane and titanium catalyst
- Construction of Pyrocarbons reactor in lab scale
- Construction of Pyrocarbons set up in lab scale
- Preparation and characterization of perovskite catalyst based of Ti/Mn/w
- Preparation of biomaterial implant from Pyrocarbon in lab scale
- Study of pyrocarbons technology and its application.