Educational & Training Activities

Providing advance and technical training for individuals in polymer industry and increasing the scientific and technical knowledge of polymer experts in the country are the main goals of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute. The office of Post-graduate Studies of IPPI has held short and long-term training courses (leading to master's and PhD degrees) and organizing specialized seminars since the beginning of its establishment.

Master's Degree Training

IPPI Started long-term training activities at the post-graduate level in 1989 with the collaboration of University of Tehran in form of Master's degree level training in polymer engineering.

Between the years 1989 and 1994, forty-six students were graduated with MSc degrees in the field of polymer engineering in six entries, which were held with the collaboration of University of Tehran. Since 1995, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute has been granted a permission by which to hold these courses independently.

735 Students have been admitted through the nationwide msc entrance examination and until 2020, 720 students have been graduated in polymer science and technology/ polymerization/ bio materials and process Engineering Courses.  

PhD Degree Course

The IPPI began offering PhD degree training in 1989, with the co-operation of the Loughborough and Brunel Universities, UK, and also the New South Wales University of Australia. 6 PhD students have completed their dissertations and graduated under the guidance of internal and international supervising professors.

Independent PhD Course

In 1997, the Institute was granted permission to conduct independent PhD course by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Up to now 190 students have been accepted into this course and 165 students have so far been graduated.


Scientific and technical seminars on polymers are among the most effective methods of exchanging information, which raises the level of knowledge among researchers, technicians, experts, and students in the polymer industry.

Over the past 34 years (1986 to 2020), more than 1000 seminars at various levels have been organized and held by IPPI among them 10 national and 12 international seminars science and technology.

Researchers from the Institute, other scientific centres, experts in the country's polymer industry, foreign experts, Iranian researchers residing in other countries, and Master's and PhD degree students present their research work at these seminars.

Student Projects Performed Jointly with other Academic Centres of Higher Education

Co-operation with other universities and centres of higher education on research projects is one of the main policies of the IPPI.

The Institute considers co-operation on research projects at post-graduate levels as one of its main objectives and has had extensive collaborations with other universities in this area.

Professors from both the Institute and the collaborating universities guide the students on joint projects. So far more than 200 Joint studeuts projects were completed by the end of 2008.