Lab quality manager

Today, standardization is a very important process for creating, maintaining and improving the quality of systems at a globally acceptable level.

Organizations and research centers, like other organizations, have made the achievement of standards one of the main courses of their activities, in order to achieve self-sufficiency, as well as an effective and long-term presence in the global market for knowledge and technology generation.

 In organizations and research centers, laboratories cover a large and important part of the activities.

Since the final output of laboratories has a special importance in research achievements and many research achievements guarantee the defense and economic security of nations, the role of management and creating mechanisms to control processes, identify quality control points and ensure accuracy of test’s results have been considered by the managers of research centers.

Increasing the quality of provided services, gaining customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, increasing effectiveness and efficiency as well as increasing organizational productivity in Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute like other organizations and centers, are the demands of managers and officials. In order to achieve the mentioned goals and in accordance with the 20-year vision document of our country to become the first scientific and economic hub in the region, this research institute has adopted the international standards ISO / IEC 170251.

Quality manager: Hanireza Khoshakhlagh