The Deputy Director For Administration and Finances:

 The office of Deputy Director for Administration and Finances comprises of 3 divisions:

-Administrative and Finanical Affairs;

-Administrative and Supporting Services;

-Budgetary Office, Organization and Personnel Training.


Administrative and Finanical Affairs 
-Programme planning in administrative and financial affairs, budgetary versus organization and overseeing to ensure their full implementation in Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute.

- Setting up frameworks, regulations and financial, administrative and organizational instructions to be submitted to affiliated bodies for the final approval.

- Full and continuous oversight on finanical, administrative and supportive services and to co-ordinate all the related divisional activities.

- Appointments and discharging of heads and managers under deputy administration with the final approval of IPPI directorship.

- Taking part in meetings and related commissions and submitting regular reports to higher deputy office.

- Vigilancy on IPPI employment disputes within the scope of regulations and instructions.

- Supervision on all the infrastructural installations (electricity, air-conditioning, water and irrigation systems, etc.) and supporting services such as: restaurants, green open spaces and hotel, dormitories, and in site housing.

- Training programmes for the fresh and active employees of the administration and finances office personnel to acquire the necessary experience and skill.

- Supervision on employement affairs such as: general employment issues, job offering orders, promotions, retirements and dismissals.

- Supervision on purchasing the required equipments based on admissible legalities.

- Supervision on all the Institute’s revenues, payments within the regulatory charter.

- To obtain all the materials and equipments needed in research projects as fast and timely as possible.

- Effective and timely coordination with IPPI Research Deputy and other divisions in order to meet all the scientific and research requirements.

- To conduct all other tasks referred by the Director of our institute.

The overall tasks fulfilled up to the present time by the Deputy Director of Administration and Finances

- Organizational adjustment and reshuffling of managerial positions to maintain the existing posts by obtaining their approval by IPPI Establishment Committee.

- To recruit new academic and non-academic members by the permissions of IPPI directorship and offering job opportunities to applicants referred by Iran Programming and Management Organization.

- To draft IPPI's financial and transactional regulations by final approval of IPPI directorship.

- To search and obtain revenues for the constructional development, current and private credentials.

- Setting up electronic system in the administration office to issue automatic orders to contractual and permanent personnel.

- The reduction in warehousing spaces and allocation of extra spaces to "Polymer Incubator Center” to help it equip more effectively.

- To assist IPPI in being equipped with internal watch camera system.

- To repair buildings and infrastructural installations.

- Building suitable working labs for the Incubator Center in the accessed spaces from the warehouses.

- To build and equip new laboratories.

- To draft and draw the new organizational chart.

- To equip the finance offices with electronic system.


The Administrative and Supporting Services

- To issue administration orders and appointments to the office personnel and scientific delegation within the regulatory charter of IPPI.

- To execute employment regulations and overriding instructions and to communicate with other divisions.

- To receive personnel requests and taking necessary steps to meet those needs with the cooperation of the related divisions or the departments.

- To carry out and monitor the tests and interviews of job applicants and to coordinate the results with the responsible heads and managers.

- To prepare and draft circulars, resolutions and necessary instructions to be sumbitted to the Adminsitration and Finance Deputy Director.

- Timely promotions of the personnel and issuing the promotion letters to them.

- All the communication affairs such as sending letters, and distributing the incoming posts to the addressed division, etc.

- To keep and compile the complete file system related to the administrative personnels and non-personnels.

- Personnel training while on duty.

- To conduct all social and personal affairs such as health, job insurance and related matters.

- Daily transportation and on and off travelling of guests and personnel as delegates within Tehran or other spots in the country.

- Receptions of Iranian and international guests in the hotel.

- To make sure of good services in the residential flats and the dormitories.

- All the affairs regarding the release of all the items purchased from abroad from the international customs in Iran.

- To conduct all the supporting services directly and indirectly and making sure of their proper implementations.

- To repair, and doing all the maintenace and cleaning up of the IPPI’s installations, buildings and green open spaces.

- To make suggestions to other divisions to improve methods and organizational structures.

- To carry out all the referred jobs to the Administration and Finance Deputy and IPPI Director.



Administration Management Personnel

Electronic addresses:



Financial Affairs Management

The tasks of this management are as follows:

-To conduct all the affairs regarding finance by strict observation of universities' current rules and regulations.

- To call and make requests for budgetary assets.

- To make sure of all the revenue payment coverage.

- To file all the financial records on expenses and incomes from public training courses and research projects and submitting monthly and annual

reports to official bodies.

- To cooperate fully with the accountancy committees from the Ministry of Economics and Financial Affairs.

- To plan and maintain suitable systems of optimal financial methods for up to date accountancy, documents, books and other properties.

- Marking properties allocated for every specific site.

- Continuous cooperation with all the administrative and research personnel.

- To keep the financial files related to the research projects.

- To keep up to date with all the current accounts, depositories and banking documents.

- To perform all other referred matters from IPPI Director or other official positions.


Budgetary Office, Organization and Personnel Training 
This office, under the Deputy Director, is subdivided into 3 sections with the following descriptions:

- Budget: To draft and prepare the annual agreements and their related ammedments relating to expenses, fixed capital (building, repairing and equipments) of supplementary and centralized categories, budgetary first draft preparation and supporting them for the following financial year, to receive the allocated assets from the Ministry and preparing annual reports and other additional requests to Iran Programming and Management Organization, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Economics and Financial Affairs and finally to all other offices when requested.

- Organization :

To draw IPPI charter and replacement of the personnel and when necessary to remove or create functional posts.

- Personnel Training:

To assess and creating motivations for higher working performance, and to encourage the personnel within the scope of regulatory considerations there are courses set up possibly outside IPPI to fulfil such aims and purposes.


Budgetary Office Personnel, Organization andTraining

Name Leila Molaei

Electronic addresses:


 IPPI Address:

Pazhoohesh Blvd. , Km 17, Tehran-Karaj Hwy

Tehran, I.R. Iran

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