Latest publications


Controlled curcumin release from nanofibers based on amphiphilic-block segmented polyurethanes

Shababdoust A, Zandi M, Ehsani M, Shokrollahi P, Intern J Pharm, 2020.

Atorvastatin loaded PLGA microspheres: Preparation, HAp coating, drug release and effect on osteogenic differentiation of ADMSCs

F Shokrolahi, P Shokrollahi, et al, Internat J Phar, 2019

Vitamin C loaded poly (urethane-urea)/ZnAl-LDH aligned scaffolds increase proliferation of corneal keratocytes and up-regulate Vimentin secretion

MA Moghanizadeh, P Shokrolahi, M Zandi, Shokrolahi F, et al, ACS Appl Mater Interf, 2019

Two‐stage phase separation of cellulose acetate membranes modified with plasma‐treated natural zeolite: Response surface modeling

M Safarpour, J Barzin, et al, Polym Adv Technol. 2019

 Design and optimization of process parameters of polyvinyl (alcohol)/chitosan/nano zinc oxide hydrogels as wound healing materials

MT Khorasani, A Joorabloo, et al, Carbohyd Polym, 2019

Ionic liquid tethered PEG-based polyurethane-siloxane membranes for efficient CO2/CH4 separation

A Ghadimi, R Gharibi, H Yeganeh, B Sadatnia

Mater Sci Eng C, 2019