Polymer Incubator Center

 Business incubation program accelerates the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed or orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its networks of contacts.

An incubator must provide management guidance, technical assistance and consulting tailored to young, growing companies. Incubators usually provide clients' access to appropriate rental space and flexible leases, shared equipment, technology support and assistance in obtaining the financing necessary for company growth.

The list of almost 70 active companies in polymer incubatior:

            Established companies List in Polymer Technology Incubator


Technology Unit

Product Names

Technologists Sabz Baspar

Branded product names

Petro Refining Tehran

Purified solid paraffin

polymer power pasargad


Polymer Iranian Medicine


Alchemy Tisa

Polyethylene adhesive compound

Light Cover Narsan

Impermeable beam coatings

 Asha Advanced materials Arya

Silicone antifoam

 BasparElectro Alchemy

Acid sulfonic acid perfluorine polymer solutions

Petroleum Oil Refining Afshar

Light and gasoline olefins

Smart coverage Rosha

Electrochromic coatings

Nano coating Maral

Super hydrophobic coatings

Farzan Baspar AmirKabir

Plaster casting of precious metals

Rakhshan Polymer Industry

Impact modifier

 Negar Green tinkers

Recycled PE، Recycled PA

Polymer monitoringSyone

Antibacterial materials, anti-algae and anti-moss, anti-fungal and mildew, polymeric adapters

Pouyan Polymer Composite Expander

Dental post

Noyan added chemistry

Additives for paint, water purification, oil and gas and paper industries

Delegate Development Yaran

Antimicrobial masterpiece, nanoparticle fiber reinforced polyamide compound, nanopolymer for hard polyurethane foams, ethylene vinyl acetate alloy

Silicon polymers

Silicone oil

Rayan Baspar Industry 



TFlex 1، Tflex2

Iranian Man Delegate Takin

MI 48020

Sadra Ban Safety Systems

Car airbag gas generator

Mana Diamond Technologists Engineering

Activated carbon filter

Plast Noor Vision

Three-dimensional porous polymer scaffolds for cell culture, polyethylene terephthalate products with biodegradable additive and mechanical properties of wings

Kia Nano Coating

SurBand، SolAmin، SurWash

Ajhand Pioneer


Ara Polymer

Aratex 4000، ARAFLOW20MF، AO-10

Medicinal Sun Cadus

Sophosbower, Daklataswer

Development of Kharazmi technology

Active catalyst, Semi-active catalyst, Neutral catalyst, Zinc oxide catalyst, Cobalt molybdenum catalyst

Knowledge-oriented polymer researchers

Tubular granules, medical granules



Creators of pure thought (SANA)

Epoxy phenolic resin, magnesium hydroxide

New Structure Creators Novin

NovinAid-FPA410-420، Novinblock-T

Rayka Research

Raika-sp-p، STP

Innovatives Polymer Hengam


Iranian Nano Water

Agricultural hydrogels

Iranian static polymer Sharif


Isfahan Clean chemistry

Hygienic herbal emollient, dop substitute

BASA Polymer

Anti-wear resin flooring, antistatic resin flooring, polyamine hardener, detergent for resin flooring

Nanotechnology of Pars Mandegar coating


Aseman Mehr Polymer Engineering

bladder tank

Nano Age

Saffron microencapsulation saffron, Esthovia microencapsulation saffron, Asfer, cream, curcumin tablets

Oshida New Medicine


Novin Polymer Researcher

Dental sealer

Kosar Process Ilia

Gel filter and gasket device

Alchemy Azma Goldis


Explore Kimia Gostar Technologists


My Chem


Pars Barsad Think

Build portable modules


Buccaneer Reactor

Fidar Baspar Ark


The elixir of nature


Kavian composites

Polymer composite

Sharif Advanced materials

EPP atoms

Arvin Temperature researcher

Thermal expansion

Excellent resource technologists

Stone and concrete construction adhesive

Fateh Industry

Wax and oil

Concrete elixir of modern civil trade


masterbatch association


National Plastics Association


Extensive bio-coverage


East Way Technologists


Scanning polymer


Shayan Baspar Dynamic


Explore Razi Chemical Industry


Research and production of Arta Polymer


Nile Polymer


Quito structure


Web Polymer


Nano Innovator Simorgh