🔹Construction of thermal analysis devices in the polymer innovation center

According to the public relations report of the Iranian Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, a knowledge-based company in the innovation center of this research institute has succeeded in making thermal analysis devices.

This company has successfully completed the research stages of Dilatometer, DSC, TGA, STA devices and brought them to the production stage, and it is technically and qualitatively competitive with foreign models.

These devices are the basic needs of the country"s universities, research institutes and manufacturing industries, and due to the unjustifiable sanctions, the procurement and purchase of some of them is facing many difficulties and some others are not possible.

Currently, 6 large companies in the world have the technology to manufacture these products, namely: NETZSCH, Germany, TA Instrument, Mettler Toledo, PerkinElmer, and Arvin Thermal Research Company.