Financial Affairs Management

The tasks of this management are as follows:
-To conduct all the affairs regarding finance by strict observation of universities' current rules and regulations.
- To call and make requests for budgetary assets.
- To make sure of all the revenue payment coverage.
- To file all the financial records on expenses and incomes from public training courses and research projects and submitting monthly and annual
reports to official bodies.
- To cooperate fully with the accountancy committees from the Ministry of Economics and Financial Affairs.
- To plan and maintain suitable systems of optimal financial methods for up to date accountancy, documents, books and other properties.
- Marking properties allocated for every specific site.
- Continuous cooperation with all the administrative and research personnel.
- To keep the financial files related to the research projects.
- To keep up to date with all the current accounts, depositories and banking documents.
- To perform all other referred matters from IPPI Director or other official positions.