Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
A Centre of Excellence on Research and Education


Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI), established in 1986, has embarked the full mission to carry out research and education in polymer science and technology, as well as providing out-reach programs for Iran polymer industry. IPPI enjoys extensive facilities for synthesis, characterization, processing and fabrication of different classes of polymers and related raw materials.
Laboratories for spectroscopic analysis (IR, NMR and UV), thermal behavior, physical and mechanical properties evaluation, environmental stability evaluation, paint and coatings property evaluation, X-ray diffraction, optical and electronic microscopies, rheology, chromatography and in vivo/in vitro tests are some of representative centers for property evaluation of polymeric materials. Different laboratory glasswares and several reactors made from special materials with different capacity and accessories are some of equipments for synthesis of monomers and polymers. Plastic, rubber and composite workshops that are fully equipped with related processing instruments are other facilities provided in IPPI for fabrication of polymers. IPPI tasks are accomplished only in concert with faculty staff and research facilities to maintain cutting-edge research programs in four faculties and fourteen departments as the main asset of IPPI.
The long-term strategies of IPPI are including:

  • Innovation in polymer technology

  • Meeting the needs of polymer industry

  • Participation in global knowledge production

  • Commercialization the results of research projects in the field of polymer science and technology