Department of Polymer Science


General Information:
The aim of this section is to provide an environment which facilitatesresearches in pure and applied polymer chemistry. This Group includes a team of polymer chemists, polymer engineers and chemists holding Ph.D. and Master Degrees.Experiments in polymer chemistry in laboratory scale are well performed using laboratory chemical and vessels as well as technical grade materials. Higher capacity vessels and reactors are specially designed and constructed in order to investigate and to prepare a higher quantity of products. Finally, a wide variety of analytical instruments fulfils the characterization of these products.
Our current researches involve a combination of industrially and academic projects for the development of polymer science and technology.

Academic Staff
Email Phone Name 02148662424 Aazam   Rahimi 02148662446 Atai  Mohammad 02148662108 Babanzadeh  Samal 02148662412 Farshid  Ziaee 02148662467 Habibollah Bharvand 
m.djalilian@ippi, 02148662418 Jillian Meherdad 02148662051 Mahdavian  Alireza 02148662472 Mirzataheri  Mojgan 02148662431 Rabbii  Ahmad 02148662506 Salehi  Hamid