International activities

IPPI welcomes international cooperation in various levels. In this regard, IPPI International office try to develop international collaboration in the following levels:

1-Contracts and Memorandum of understanding:

IPPI signed various memorandum of understanding and contracts with various universities and associations worldwide and developed constructive contributions with its partners.

2-Joint projects

IPPI supports joint research and development projects with international partners. In this regard more than 10 projects have been initiated in last 2 years.

3-Joint Thesis

IPPI welcomes joint theses both in Master and PhD levels. In this program a professor from IPPI and a hosting university as supervisors support the thesis.

4- Visiting and Sabbatical  

In this program PhD and Master Students can visit IPPI and stay for a short period of time for pursuing their studies and using the laboratories and workshops.

5- International events

IPPI International office collaborate with other sectors to hold international events such as seminars, workshops, visits etc.

6- Analysis and services

Foreign researchers can send their samples for analysis through well-organized system. Moreover, IPPI experts are ready to provide various services such as consulting, assessment etc.

7- Studying in IPPI

Foreign students who are interested in pursuing their studies in IPPI can apply for both Master and PhD levels. The students can benefit from some facilities such as IT center, dormitory, library, gym, health center etc.


The educational fee for each semester for Master students is 3000 euros. This value for PhD students is equal to 4500 euros.


Students from Afghanistan and Iraq can benefit from a scholarship that covers the expenses of some facilities such as dormitory, library, IT center, gym and some parts of their research project.