International activities

IPPI welcomes international cooperation in various levels. In this regard, IPPI International office try to develop international collaboration in the following levels:

1-Contracts and Memorandum of understanding

IPPI signed various memorandum of understanding and contracts with various universities and associations worldwide and developed constructive contributions with its partners.

2-Joint projects

IPPI supports joint research and development projects with international partners. In this regard more than 10 projects have been initiated in last 2 years.

3-Joint Thesis

IPPI welcomes joint theses both in Master and PhD levels. In this program a professor from IPPI and a hosting university as supervisors support the thesis.

4- Visiting and Sabbatical  

In this program PhD and Master Students can visit IPPI and stay for a short period of time for pursuing their studies and using the laboratories and workshops.

5- International events

IPPI International office collaborate with other sectors to hold international events such as seminars, workshops, visits etc.

6- Analysis and services

Foreign researchers can send their samples for analysis through well-organized system. Moreover, IPPI experts are ready to provide various services such as consulting, assessment etc.