International Affairs Department

One of the main objectives of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) is expanding its scientific and research relationships with domestic scientific centers as well as universities and research centers all around the world. We constantly strive to achieve our goals through, accomplishing joint projects, wining international grants and awards, facilitating short and long-term sabbaticals for academic staffs, international student recruitment, inviting foreign scientists, holding international conferences and workshops and introducing opportunities and facilities to develop international scientific communication. International office works directly under consideration of the President of IPPI, and its major responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Execution of international joint projects.
  2. Planning for wining international grants and awards.
  3. Communicationwith domestic and international universities and research centers to facilitate contribution in various fields of research and technology.
  4. Participation in student exchange program and international student recruitment.
  5. Collaboration with Iranian scientists living abroad.
  6. Collaboration withall faculties and research cores as well asinternational scientific cooperation department of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran to develop the international relationship.
  7. Preparation of scientific cooperation agreements or contracts with overseas universities and research centers,and also, membership in international scientific communities.
  8. Facilitating the presence of foreign professors, researchers and students at IPPI.
  9. Holding and participating in international scientific seminars, congresses, symposia and conferences and also, proposing required funds to the authorities.
  1. Making effort to meet universal scientific indexes according to international ranking systems.
  2. Development of sustainable international relationship.
  3. Developing international scientific and technological contributions.
  4. Exchange of scientific and technological experiences and knowledge with overseas universities and research centers.
  5. Improving the scientific and cultural relationship between Iran and other countries based on the general Iranian policies.
  6. Patent registration and sale with international partners.

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