Colour, Resin & Surface Coatings Department (CRSC)

Research Overview

The department of Colour, Resin & Surface Coatings (CRSC) conducts research programs in the field of technical information and formulating of the surface coatings and printing inks. CRSC provides a suitable combination of market and technical expertise to support improvement and growth of resins and coatings industries, as well as users.

One of the main targets of the department is to offer scientific and technical service to the industrial divisions. This department regularly holds training courses and seminars for individuals and companies involved in surface coatings and resins industries. The
CRSC activities are divided in the following major objectives:
  • Ink technology
  • Colour matching
  • Surface treatments of polymeric
  • Problems arising during manufacture
  • Synthesis, formulation and manufacture
  • Defects apparent during application or drying
  • Educating and trainings of engineers and scientists
  • Surface coatings (paints & coatings, inks, adhesives & sealants)
  • Providing services to industry and carry out short-term contracts
  • Reference laboratory for traffic paints, industrials coatings and architectural paints
  • Research consultancy conducting of long-term research about polymeric resin & coating materials

Academic Members



S. Nafisi (BSc) S
A. Pasandideh
S. Zamanian
Research Projects

Selected Completed Projects

  • Study of different types of traffic paints and instruction for application and selection of road markings
  • Investigation on synthesis and kinetic Study of fluoran leuco, dyes for use in carbonless copy paper
  • Preparation of powder molding compound, and investigation of their properties and application
  • Synthesis and characterization of highly porous acrylic-based super water-absorbent
  • Study of mechanisms of adhesion and disbonding of powder coated aluminium
  • Instructions for formulation, application and selection of pavement markings
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Acrylic Based Superabsorbent Polymers
  • Drag reducer coatings for bodies moving in sea water
Reports for completed projects are usually available to the companies on the expiry of a confidentiality period for a fee to cover copying and postage.

Selected Current Projects

  • Preparation and investigation of swelling-thermal properties of hydrophilic nanocomposite networks
  • Study and lab scale preparation of PP for coating applications to be used in automotive industries
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of powder coatings using nanoparticle composites
  • Swelling, elastic and fracture behaviours of protective materials in contact with solvents
  • Synthesis of maleic modified rosin ester for road marking applications
  • Formulation’s modification of thermoplastic roads pavement marking

The services that CRSC offers the coating industry include analysis, consultancy, and training courses. Our experience with paints and other surface coatings enables us to assist clients with problems involving plastics, polymers, polishes, adhesives, sealants, putties and mastics. In addition to paints and varnishes, we also analyses inks, resins, adhesives, putties and mastics.

The Testing Laboratory is going to accredit to ISO 17025 by the   Deutscher Akkreditierungs
Rat (DAP-PL-4128.00)

Selected Facilities:
  • Corrosion performance assessment equipments salt spray & humidity cabinets and EIS instrument.
  • Adhesion measuring equipment (Pull off, Cross cut and Peel tests).
  • Powder Coatings Equipment (Formulations & Application).
  • Pilot plant production of super-absorbent hydro-gels
  • Mini-Scan XE for color matching from Hunter Lab
  • Humidity & Salt spray Exposure test cabinets
  • Laboratory and in field tests for traffic paints
  • Controlled atmosphere rooms and chambers
  • High temperature electrical furnace
  • Accelerated Weather-o-meters
  • Equipment to measure
    pH meter
    Drying time
    Volume solid
    Film thickness
    Tensile testing
    In-Can properties
    Impact resistance
    Fineness of grind
    Non-volatile Content
    Adhesion (Wet & Dry)
    Application Properties and Appearance
    Colour comparison (Visual & Instrumental)

Interactive Workshop-Tutorials

CRSC is pleased to announce the introduction of workshop/tutorials for individuals, or small groups from the same organisation. One or more of CRSC experienced staff or external consultants, subject to their availability, will present the workshops.

Topics from which workshops can be compiled include:

Chemistry of Resins

Waterborne Paints

Decorative Paints

Quality Control

Powder Coatings

Printing Inks

Paint Formulation

Application Methods


Nono Technology

Durability & Weathering


Traffic Paints


Industrial Coatings

Paint Testing

Mechanical Properties

Colour Matching

CRSC Contact


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P.O. Box: 14965/115, 14185/458, Post Code: 1497713115
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