Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Faculty
In this faculty basic research in preparation of polymerization catalysts, studies for various types of pilot technology by modeling, simulation and design of polymerization process and all studies on the development of polymerization and related processes are conducted.
Most of projects in this faculty are related to scientific and technological requirements of national petrochemical company (NPC).

Main projects
1- Production of catalyst for polypropylene polymerization in pilot scale.
2- Preparation of Support for ZN Catalysts.
3- Production of metallocene and late metal transition Catalysts for -olefin Polymerization in lab Scale.
4- Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Particles in Olefins hetrogenous catalytic Polymerization.
5- Production of bimodal polyolefins in bench scale.

Main completed Projects 

  • Industrial production of polystyrene
  • Pilot scale production of styrene-acrylonitryl copolymer
  •  Pilot scale production of the gel strong acid exchange resins based on polystryene-divinylbenzene copolymer.
  • Basic design engineering of a multi- purpose polymerization pilot plant for polyolefins

  • Synthesis of different grade of Zigler-Natta catalysts for olefins polymerization

Departments of faculty
This faculty is constituted of three research departments including:
a. Department of polymerization catalysts
b. Department of polymerization engineering
c. Department of process modeling and control