Department of Rubber (RuPED)

RuPED (Rubber Processing and Engineering Department) is a well-known leading center in Iran for the research, training and consultancy in the field of rubber and tire. Areas of current and future research include various aspects of rubber processing and compounding. The use of computer simulation especially the application of FEM to rubber processing and products and also the development of highly specific compounds for complicated applications comprise the basic theme of our research projects. A significant part of the research undertaken by RuPED is industrially sensitive and financially supported by several Iranian rubber and tire manufactures. As well as conducting research projects, RuPED  staff is engaged in various educational activities such as training of MSc and PhD students, short courses for rubber industries and also participation in both national and international conferences. Other services provided by RuPED include physical testing such as elastomeric testing for materials and components, chemical and instrumental (FTIT, DSC, TGA) analyses.

Academic Members:
Selected Current Projects
  • Compound Development using Nano-fillers for different applications
  • Compound Development for Automotive Industries
  • Short fiber reinforced compounds (preparation, properties and simulation of the mechanical properties)
  • Morphological study of the PP/NBR compound reinforced by nano-clay
  • Recycling of rubber compounds and their use in industrial products
  • NBR/PVC Nano-composites
  • FE modeling of rolling tires with tread pattern
Selected Completed Projects:
  • Production of Silicone and Viton O-rings
  • Development of Technology for Two-Layer Hoses (CR and NBR/PVC)
  • Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Curing Process for Truck Tire
  • Finite Element Analysis of a Rolling Radial Tire under Different Loading Conditions
  • Characterization of Rheological Properties of SBR and PBR produced by NIPC Plants
  • Improvement of Adhesion of Nylon Cords in NBR Compounds
  • Recycling of Cord-Rubber Composites
  • Computer simulation of the vulcanization process of thick rubber parts.
Selected Facilities:
  • 100 and 25 Ton Press
  • Banbury Mixer, BR, Farrel, 1991
  • Two Roll Mill, Schwabenthan, Polymix 200 L
  • General equipments for rubber testing (Tensile, Hardness, Resilience, Oven)
  • Multi Recorder
  • Oscillating Disk Rheometer, 4308 Zwick
  • Ozone Tester
  • Extruder, Schwabenthan, Polytest 20T (R) 1990
  • Mooney Viscosimeter, 4309 Zwick
  • Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA), Alpha Technologies
  • Disperse grader
  • Oxistar