Department of Plastic Processing & Engineering

General Information:
The uses of plastic materials have grown rapidly in recent years. Plastics today play an important part in cutting-edge technology such as beverage bottles, medical device and automobile parts.
plastics Group is one of the important and oldest groups in the facultyof processing of Iran polymer and petrochemical institute. Accomplishment fundamental, applied and developing research in plastics science and technology are part of group prime targets.

Research Areas:
  • Formulation design and production of plastic alloys and blends.
  • Recycling plastics technology.
  • Polymer processing and shaping machinery design and fabrication.
  • Properties and process ability modification of plastic materials.
  • Formulation design and preparation of Biodegradable plastics.
  • Formulation design and preparation of wood plastic composites.
  • Formulation design and preparation of fire retardant plastics.
  • Formulation design and preparation of TPE.

Academic Staff
Email phone Name 02148662100 Ahmadi  Shervin 02148662097 Azizi  Hamed 02148662502 Ehsani  Morteza 02148662299 Ghasemi  Ismaeil 02148662430 Jahani  Yosefeh 02148662432 Khonakda Hosainalir 02148662421 Morshedian  Jalal 02148662417 Razavi  Mohammad 02148662448 Yousefi  Aliakbar