Technology Transfer and InformationTechnology Office

package, and license to business the intellectual property generated from the research enterprise and to serve faculty, staff, and students seeking to create such intellectual property.
Deputy of TechnologyThe Technology Transfer Office in technology department is responsible for collection and processing of ideas and innovations and evaluation of required feasibility studies.
IPPI Technology Transfer and Information Technology Office provides the following services:
• Advises faculty on IP issues
• Fosters inventor participation in the technology transfer process
• Educates campus researchers about the technology transfer process
• Solicits and analyzes invention disclosures from faculty, students, and staff
• Analyzes commercialization feasibility of university intellectual property and subsequent strategies
• Licenses “tangible research property” for commercial use
• Licenses patents and copyrights for commercial use Technology Transfer and Information Technology Office subsections:
• Intellectual property and technology transfer management
• Intellectual property and documentation unit
• Information Technology and Computer Services