IPPI Technology Deputy

IPPI is a research institute for the science and technology of polymer and petrochemical industries. The success of IPPI in future will be in pledge of their ability to learn and doing research in the selected fields of Technology Platforms, based on their core competencies.

According to objectives specified in the country vision, IPPI vision are tough challenges in front, to meet the targets. To have an acceptable record of translating scientific knowledge and discoveries into patented inventions, it is necessary to spend more on forward-looking technologies by private and public sectors.

Research is just one part of the so-called Knowledge Triangle. The other two are Education and Innovation. It is believed that this triangle is crucial to a dynamic economy. Research is the first stages in creation an economic value. It is necessary to develop technology to be able to commercialize the applied research. Crossing from research to commercialization there is a high risk gap of innovation and technology development, which inevitably should be passed.

This is one of our Mission in IPPI to provide the nation's relevant industries with the scientific and technological knowledge base, innovation, and workforce, to strengthen their financial competitiveness. The investments on research, development of technology, and harnessing science and technology to contribute to economic growth are the key factors in accelerating the industrial development.

This is the core of our mission in this department to disseminate research results to the industrial sector, and ensuring that research results translate into commercial applications to contribute to economic growth.
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