Department of Novel Drug Delivery Systems


General Information:
The research activities on novel drug delivery systems here in Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) began concurrently with the opening of IPPI in 1986, focusing mostly on microencapsulation also transdermal drug delivery systems. With the aim of strengthening its research works, however, NDDS department was officially formed in September 2000 under the division of Polymer Science Faculty. The research studies undertaken by NDDS Dept. with the objective of industrial application are categorized in 4 sets of works, and it is offered new products in the pharmaceutical market as well as enrichment of its academic practices and cooperation.

Research Areas:

  • Implantable Delivery Systems
  • Transdermal and Mucosal Delivery Systems
  • Biodegradable Delivery Systems
  • Specialties (Polymer and Drugs) Synthesis

·         Particulate and Injectable Delivery Systems


-          High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)

-          High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

-          Dissolution Tester

-          UV (Single and Double Beam)

-          Refractometer

-          ERWEKA Drive Unit

-          Spray Dryer

-          Sterilizer

-          Laboratory Centrifuges

-          Incubator & Ovens

-          Adhesion Parameters Analysis(Probe Tack Tester, Peel Strength ,Shear Tester & Rotary Sample Slitter)

-          Rotational Mixer

-          Film Applicator (Automatic, Manual)

-          Speed Mixer




Current Projects:

1 In-situ forming implant formulation for slow release of leuprolide acetate during one month

2- Formulation of implanted products used in the treatment of addiction, contraception and the release of corticosteroid anti-inflammatory drugs

3- Encapsulation of essential oils and fragrance for pharmaceutical, health and food applications

4- Preparation and evaluation of genetically modified gelatin nanoparticles loaded anticancer drug

5- Artemisinin passive and targeted drug delivery to Leishmania infected macrophages: in vitro evaluation

6- Synthesis of poly lactic acid applicable for laboratory-scale 3D printing for filaments

7- Monomer synthesis and precursors synthesis of furfural drug molecules in liquid phase

8- Formulations, optimization and industrial-scale production of livestock products (cattle and sheep) implants

9- Preparation and characterization of polymeric wound dressings

10- Preparation and characterization of micro needles

11-Providing technical knowledge of ondansetron oral films



Academic Staff:






Farahmand  Farhid 



Imani  Mohammad


Taghizadeh  S.Mojtaba


Jamshidi  Ahmad


Lahootifard  Farzad


Mashak  Arezoo


Mobedi  Hamid


Mahdavi  Hamid