Contract unit

Objective and mission statements:

The Main Objectives & Activities of this department are the identification of technical needs of the nation’s polymer industries and the implementation of Research programs, which would to serve, meet those needs by research sponsorship.

The sponsors of this unit are legal and finance advisors with leading of intellectual property committee.
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Management

"Technology transfer is the process of developing practical applications for the results of scientific research. While conceptually the activity has been practiced for many years, the present-day volume of research, combined with high-profile failures, has led to a focus on the process itself. Many companies, universities, and governmental organizations now have an "Office of Technology Transfer" dedicated to identifying research results of potential commercial interest, and to developing strategies for how to exploit them. For instance, a research result maybe of interest, but patents are usually only issued for practical processes, and so someone, not necessarily the researchers, must come up with a specific practical process that depends on the result. Another consideration is commercial value; for instance, while there are many ways to accomplish nuclear fusion in practice, the ones of commercial interest are those that put out more energy than they take in. As a result, technology transfer organizations are often multidisciplinary, including scientists, engineers, economists, and marketers.

  • Objective and mission statements:
  •   · The comparative study of science and technology policies in different countries in order to obtain the common characteristics as well as differences to determine the best practice to improve technology policy in the country.
  • · The study of the main obstacles, success and failure factors in development of technology in the country.
  • · The comparative study of the technological needs, the local technological capabilities and the capacity of technology transfer at the national level.
  • · The comparative study of science and technology institutes worldwide and their role in knowledge and technology creation , and planning and managing of research from science to technology.
  • · The assessment of R&D activities and technological innovations at the national level.
  • Technology transfer office focuses to generate and develop technological know-how derived from research projects.
  • Important targets comprise commercialization of some lab. Scale research projects and installation of pilot plant if seemed necessary.

Contact: Technology Transfer office
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