Amir Masood Rezadoust


(B.Sc., M.Sc,)
Academic Staff of Composite Group
Iran Polymer Institute


PO Box 14965/115, Tehran, Iran
Tel.: (021) 44580000 (Ext. 2294) Fax: (021) 44580023

Personal Details:
- Date of Birth: 5/4/1973 (1352/3/15)
- Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
- Status: Married (one son)
- Nationality: Iranian

- B.Sc., August 1996, in Polymer Engineering from:
Tehran Polytechnique (Amirkabir University of Technology), Polymer Eng. Department.
- M.Sc., August 1998 in Polymer Engineering from:
Iran Polymer Institute
Interested Research Area:
- Composite Processing with accentuate on pultrusion.
- Ablative Rubber and Thermoset Composite Insulator.
Work Experience:
-   1995-1996 computer teacher in Abdali school.
-   1998- present, Full-time member of Academic staff in Iran Polymer Institute, Tehran, Iran.
-   2004-PresentAlborz Composites Eng. Co., IranComposite Network Manager (
-   2005-Present, Consultant to KavoshYaran Eng. Co., Composite Materials (Tehran Metro contractor).

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Conference Papers: 

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Journal Papers:
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